An Investment Opportunity!
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An Investment Opportunity!
Welcome to the fabulous Rainy River!

Purity Seeds and farm presently grows seeds grain with annual sales of about $400,000. It has many opportunities for both recreational and agricultural development. The Rainy River is renowned for fishing, and an international walleye tournament, the Emo Walleye Classic, has its launch point just two miles from the property.

The Rainy River itself is about 1220 feet wide with islands scattered in it. Migrating geese and ducks roost on the islands and feed in the fields next to the river. As many as 1,000 geese gather before continuing their migration. America's top hunteres come to this farm to hunt white-tailed deer and black bear, and shoot footage for their weekly TV shows. No water, soil, air or noise pollution here – just clean and beautiful land, peaceful and pristine!

Note that this property could be subdivided into riverfront hobby farm parcels of 40 to 60 acres. The remaining property can be subdivided into 40 to 160 acre parcels.

Attributes of the Property

  • More than 1/2 mile of Rainy River Frontage.
  • Lovely creek runs through the property and flows into the Rainy River.
  • Mineral rights belong to the property.
  • A park-like setting at the end of the road that goes to the Rainy River, making a beautiful location for waterfront/tourism development.
  • The property is situated on the major historical water route used by early explorers, fur traders, and settlers heading for the West.
  • Jimmy McQuat, famous for building the White Otter Castle in Northwestern Ontario, homesteaded this river property, and remnants are still to be found of the early homestead. There is a video of Jimmy McQuat's life here and at White Otter Lake.
  • Ample space for a full-size golf course (possibly organic).
  • Suitable for tourism all year round.
    Summer - Fishing, bird watching, boating, horseback riding, trail riding, searcching for Indian and other artifacts on the River, exploring nature trails, hiking, camping and golfing;
    Autumn - Fishing and all of the above, as well as excellent goose and duck hunting, black bear and whitetail deer hunting;
    Winter - Ice fishing, snowmobiling on land and on the river, winter camping, cross country skiing, snowshoeing;
    Spring - Fishing, boating, hiking, camping, nature trails and other summer-type activities.
  • Lots of space to develop grassed or hard surface runways for landing airplanes. The Rainy River is suitable and currently used for landing float planes. There is a dock that is used to dock boats and float planes at Emo Park.
  • The property has about 220 acres of systematically tile-drained land on very productive soil.
  • The River access provides an abundance of water for irrigation.
  • The land is currently used for Pedigreed Seed production.
  • The property includes a government registered and licensed Seed Cleaning Facility.
  • Currently seed is marketed in Minnesota, Ontario and Manitoba, both wholesale and retail.
  • As a Retail Agricultural Outlet, it has a lot of room for retail expansion in the areas of Feed Preparation, Custom Farming, and a Supply Outlet.
  • The Seed Cleaning Facility has an office, and a display room.
  • This is a pristine area, as it is free from soil, water and air pollution.
  • This is a safe area with a low crime rate and people that treasure family values. It is politically stable.
  • This area has excellent shopping, schools, medical facilities, roads, communications and transportation systems.
  • This area welcomes tourists.
  • The Rainy River is a large, non-flooding river that forms the boundary between Minnesota and Ontario. It is an international waterway.
  • With an elevation of 1120 above sea level that sits on the granite Precambrian Shield, it is considered to be one of the most stable and geophysically safe areas of North America.